(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. blade, edge, point, steel, shiv (sl.), toothpick (sl.); carving knife; snickersnee, dagger, poniard, dirk, bodkin, stiletto; scalpel, lancet. See arms, sharpness. —v. t. stab, cut, slice, slash; wound; informal, knife in the back, betray. See improbity.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. blade, cutter, sword, bayonet, cutting edge, dagger, stiletto, lance, lancet, bit, cutlass, machete, kris, whittle, poniard, scalpel, edge, dirk, sickle, scythe, sabre, scimitar, claymore, broadsword, bodkin, snickersnee, point, skiver, skewer, spit, guillotine, skean, misericord, pigsticker*, toad-stabber*, tickler*, shiv*; see also razor , sword .
Kinds of knives include: carving, chef's, paring, chopping, table, dinner, breakfast, dessert, grapefruit, fish, pocket, clasp, hunting, Bowie, corn, cane, butcher, skinning, surgical, paper, pruning, oyster, putty, palette, ferrule, bread, butter, cake, wood carver's, molding, paper hanger's, miter, excelsior, stiletto, jackknife, switchblade, Boy Scout, Swiss Army, Buck. v.
1. [To stab]
Syn. cut, slash, pierce, lance; see cut 2 , hurt 1 , stab .
2. [*To injure in an underhanded way]
Syn. trick, betray, give a coward's blow, strike below the belt; see betray 1 , deceive .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
dagger, switchblade, blade, dirk, stiletto, scalpel, bowie knife, butter knife, jackknife, penknife, Swiss Army knife, cutlery. see dagger, sword
stab, run through, stick, cut, slash, impale, pierce, wound, lance.

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